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Can AccuTite Make My _____ (fill in the blank) Right?

Can AccuTite Make My _____ (fill in the blank) Right?

BodyTite™, FaceTite™, and AccuTite™ treatments have been Topic #1 in our clinics for the past year. These treatments make up the biggest portion of all our internet requests, and that number continues to rise. They now account for over 50% of visits to our website.


So, what’s the deal? Why so much interest? Well, first and foremost, these procedures work. Radiofrequency-Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) is a powerful skin tightener that simultaneously destroys fat. And what's more-it does both of these things better than anything else on the marketplace. If you look at the skin tightening potential alone, BodyTite™, FaceTite™, and AccuTite™ procedures tighten your skin 50-100% more than the closest competitors (like Smartlipo® and Ultherapy®). They really are powerful!

Secondly, this is a viable alternative to undergoing a formal surgery. Why go to an operating room and be put under general anesthesia when you can get everything done in our office? It is as simple as walking into our clinic and giving us a few hours of your time. We keep you comfortable using local anesthesia in the area of treatment, so you are awake throughout the 1-2 hour procedure. There is some discomfort during the recovery period, but this is short-lived and well-controlled with oral medications. Swelling and bruising are also minimal and resolve quickly.

Lastly, AccuTite™ is the next-step evolution in advanced body tightening technology. It combines the power of BodyTite™ with the precision of FaceTite™ into one small handpiece. Advanced safety mechanisms ensure safe use and minimal discomfort when compared to traditional surgery. AccuTite™ promises surgical like results without formal surgery and it has a greater potential for skin tightening than any other skin tightening device currently approved by the FDA.

So, should you choose AccuTite™? Will it make your _____ (fill in the blank) right? The ready answer is Yes! AccuTite™ is an extremely powerful alternative to surgery, and Yes! It will make almost any small area of your body that has loose skin and unwanted fat look better. The possibilities for treatment areas are numerous:

  • Saggy upper and lower eyelids
  • Heavy eyebrows
  • Age-related changes to the upper and lower face
  • Poor jawline contour (including jowling)
  • Saggy necks, especially under the chin
  • Upper arms with poor contour from excess skin and fat
  • Unwanted fat and excess skin of the inner thighs, knees, and calves
  • Even hands!

AccuTite™ is a great option if you are seeking a true alternative to surgery. It gives you a middle-of-the-road path to improvement with transformative results. The best part is that the results can last for years!

AccuTite™ is a powerful way for you to improve your appearance and feel like yourself again. Plus, as a less invasive alternative to surgery, you get all the benefits with less recovery time, less discomfort, and truly amazing results.

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